Being a 3rd generation witch I have practiced the art of witchcraft for many years.

I class myself as a Lunar Witch as I find the power of the full moon gives my spell work and incantations more strength.

Every full moon a new spell will be posted that I myself will be casting.

I will tell you what is required and show you the steps to take to help you obtain some magick and knowledge along your witchy journey.

Binding The Tongue

If you have been receiving some negative vibes lately from people spreding malicious lies, rumours and gossip then this is a perfect spell for you

What you'll need:

A cow's tongue

(available a speciality butchers)

A sharp knife/scalpal

A piece of paper & pen


I always start by saging my surroundings - this cleanses and protects your magickal space.

Use the sharp blade to cut down the centre of the tongue.

One the piece of paper write down the name(s) of who you wish to stop talking negativley about you and slip them into the cut of the tongue.

Wrap the twines tightly around the tongue, binding it shut.

As you're binding the tongue repeat this 3 times:-

"Out of sight, out of mind,

your wicked talk I now bind.

Your words go far away from me,

as I will, so it shall be"

Then take the tongue to your preferred burial ground, dig a hole and bury it deep.

I do this is my garden, under the full moon and in bare feet.

After it's buried I then set my intentions

Self Love

           What you will need:

  • A coloured candle 

Black for protection or pink for love

  • A piece of paper

  • A pen

  • Rose Quartz

The best way to begin this spell is by meditating.

Hold the Rose Quartz and recite these words

"I love and accept myself unconditionally.

In this love and acceptance, I freely allow myself to walk away from situations and people that cause me harm or do not enrich my experience.

I radiate love and respect and I receive love and respect in return"

Light the candle

Make a list of 10 things you love about yourself

As the candle burns, close your eyes and envision yourself walking away from negative and toxic situations or people as your energy increases.

Recite the following:

"I honour my worth and others honour that in me.

I attract only healthy, empowering relationships.

So it shall be"

Extinguish the candle.


The spells featured on Violet Delights are collected from years of personal experience from elders and folk magick traditions.

These are posted with the intention of being useful to those who look upon spells to help within their magickal means.

Please remember, not all magickal traditions follow the same set of guidelines when it comes to spell work