Violet Delights

product quality

The way I keep my quality high and my prices low is because I coat my zinc alloy products in either pure silver, gold or rose gold.

This gives the product a thorough coating and therefore will last a lot longer than other non expensive jewellery items.

I do however have many 925 Silver products available, just check out the product description.


Sometimes we all need added guidance in our life from the natural powers of healing crystals.

I make all my jewellery with these crystals and stones nearby so that the energy they possess gets transferred over to your order. 

If you require some form of guidance in particular then please let me know so I can specifically harness the energy from the crystal or stone that best suits your needs.

Every full moon they all get a spiritual cleanse and get what is known as a full moon bath where they are individually charged with the natural energy of the full moon.

privacy policy

Violet Delights will not pass on your name, email address or shipping address on to any third party companies.